Succession: Developing Sustainable Value and Leadership Competencies

Securing your future requires that you reinforce a company-wide learning process which sends a clear message that developing your people really does matter!

Today's complex business issues:

  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Apply limited resources for maximum strategic gain
  • Take a long term perspective whilst navigating daily priorities
  • Reward change champions and people of influence who consistently drive performance

PIPS process to resolve these issues:

Nurturing Talent Process

Objective:  Identify the next generation of leaders and give them a forum to speed up decision-making

Client feedback: "The PIPS results were immediate and positive, and more importantly, have continued to resonate long after. The process was focused, fun and refreshingly free of jargon. The results promised have been more than realised".
Richard Leonard, Hayball Leonard & Stent