Partnering: Building Shared Value and Strong Networks

PIPS works with you to align all stakeholders in opportunities that generate mutual value and growth for your businesses

Today's complex business issues

  • Achieving more with less resources
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Growing market share
  • Evolving from transactional to symbiotic relationships

PIPS process to resolve these issues:

Better Business GroupĀ©

Objective:  Build collaborative opportunities between business partners along the supply chain, to develop unique brand offerings

Client feedback: "What powerful learning - "Aha" moments, ideas that dragged me outside my square, things I wished I had been aware of years ago. I learned heaps. Anyone involved in collaboration, change and business development will get a lot out of this process. Well done!" 
Elizabeth G Heij, Chief, Division of Horticulture, CSIRO