Client Feedback

Tim Johnson

"Jan's skills as a mentor, agent for genuine and lasting change, and in developing executives are unparalleled. In truth, I have not met anyone who is her equal in her chosen fields of endeavour. I cannot state highly enough the capacity and good counsel that she has brought to all parts of my team and especially the value of her counsel to myself".


Tim Angus
Elenberg Fraser

"Your mentoring process 'Taking Personal Control' has been amazing. Our sessions have taken me from feeling completely down beat and burnt out, to feeling now that I am powered up and ready to take on the world! Your exceptional personal skill with balancing emotional issues with practical problem solving techniques if fantastic. I can see now a real vision for my life where I can use my career to truly express what is most important to me in life! This has been an amazing gift, thank you!"


Vic Moen
Australian Glass Group

I was facing significant challenges...an emotional and professional rollercoaster, moving from a lifetime of involvement in our family business, to being part of a more corporate environment. In a world of mergers and acquisitions ..you helped me understand ...a strategy to help me navigate through. There is a way for both the person to grow and be engaged while improving the business at the same time. For that I am truly grateful.


Stephen Green
GM Queensland Baulderstone

"ARC and Baulderstone have been engaged in a partnering relationship since mid-2005. Jan has been facilitating change, developing partnering relationships and mentoring individuals. Jan's energy, drive and enthusiasm have ensured the ARC / Baulderstone Better Business Group has performed as a high performance group. She led a critical mass of our people through a journey to better understand the value of working together. We have seen much value in the process, from an individual level to a corporate level".


David Botta
Jeans West

"Jan Kelly has assisted me in changing ingrained cultural issues that were preventing Jeans West from reaching its potential. Jan has worked with myself and the senior leadership team, our Product and Planning team and our Store Management team. These are our most crucial teams. As a result we have energized the business, culturally and financially. Jan has the ability to break through practices and attitudes which seemed intractable. This has worked at all levels of the business and continues today".


Asha Balachandra
Head of Legal
Asia Pacific


"I had the privilege of being mentored by Jan Kelly. This process allowed me to prepare for the significant international business challenges that lay ahead. Jan Kelly has made a long-term positive difference in my life. She is a warm, wise and vibrant woman who enabled me to produce results with courage, resilience and determination. After the sessions were over Jan has been unceasing in her support and generous in her guidance. I am privileged to have learned from her".


Stephen Annear

"We entered into a partnering process with a major customer. Our objective was broad; to develop a better way of doing business together. While our respective company values were aligned and while our people were committed, we did not have a way forward, a roadmap which could provide the process of developing a unique partnership model. The pathway was provided by Jan Kelly. I would thoroughly recommend Jan to any company who feels ready to take the leap from pure transactional relationships to ones based on mutual benefit and trust. The success we have had is qualitative and real and is due to a great part to Jan's work with us".


Paul de Guingand
National Manager
Maersk Logistics

"There is no question in my mind that the processes we went through (Profile and mentoring) were revealing and insightful. Your model is innovative and comprehensive, and seems to enable specific and accurate analysis of what makes a leader".


Jack Ayerbe
Mast Australia

"The results from the PIPS facilitation has exceeded all our expectations. Our client is absolutely delighted and has commenced the mentoring process for all senior executives."