Sally Rundle, Ph.D, MAICD

Sally Rundle Executive Profiler and Business Modeller

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1997, Monash University, International Management.
  • Master of Education, 1984, University WA, Business Education.
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1992, Melbourne University, Political Science.
  • Bachelor of Science, 1982, University of Western Australia.
  • Licenced Trainer EOMâ„¢ (Experience Orientated Management)
  • Accredited Trainer, Trompenaar's Seven Dimensions of Culture.

Sally Rundle has been working as an international consultant, mentor and educator for 15 years with a strong focus on the Asia Pacific region. Her hallmark is in aligning international management potential and capability with the company's strategic intent and culture. Sally's work demands that she connects with people and companies that are vastly different in culture, values and beliefs. This diversity of cultural experience is also invaluable in assisting organizations to enhance their organization capability in new market entry and expansion.

Books Published

  • Values Grid
  • Willing to Succeed Internationally

Sally's current global research is focusing on extending her PhD thesis (1997). This study involves 10 global companies and 900 emerging global leaders. She seeks to identify the development infrastructure required to increase a company's capacity for increasing flexibility, adaptiveness and responsiveness in new and expanding market environments.