JAN KELLY,FAICD, Psychologist

Jan Kelly

Leadership Profiler & Executive Mentor

Director: P.I.P.S. Pty. Ltd.
Co-Creator: The Values Grid™ (Experience Orientated Management)


  • 2009 Sustainable Business Alliance (SBA), Boral Global Awards for Excellence: People  Practice
  • 2008 Better Business group (BBG), Engineering Aust Excellence: Research, Development & Innovation
  • 1990 Australian Psychology Society (APS) Award

Jan Kelly has three passions that are her primary business focus:

  1. Nurturing Talent: Mentoring and coaching individual and group leadership capabilities
  2. Values Coach: Assisting teams to build a company-wide reputation that is value-driven & customer focused
  3. Facilitating partnering relationships, internally and externally, that allows all stakeholders to sustainable growth.

To achieve the above, Jan mentors executive teams in sound business acumen, healthy group dynamics and successful partnering principles. She assists leaders to develop personally tailored strategies, so they feel more in control, as they navigate their daily challenges.  Jan also facilitates company boards to prepare their corporate vision and values, then assists the leadership team to translate this into tangible objectives. She also analyses contemporary world's best business practice. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we can model successful initiatives, to fast-track our own leadership potential.

For Jan, establishing and strengthening connections between individuals inside a team, or between companies to form a partnering network, still remains the most powerful and exciting way to conduct our business. Collaborative relationships are all-important if we wish to create a robust, thriving business.


Jan Kelly's Personal Business Values

Jan's purpose is to assist people to their potential. Her prime focus is to enhance this latent talent and add value of another's daily endeavours. She passionately values:



Proactive Collaboration

Business Context: People
Building thriving relationships

Rust never sleeps (Neil Young)

Sense of Belonging: We are all in the business of Communication. Inspire others with personal conviction, generosity and fairness. Let nothing that undermines our vision slip through to the Keeper. Cynical one-liners damage relationships, destroy culture and erode respect. They also chip away at our reputation. Have a heightened awareness for group values, to foster functional dynamics. Successful partnerships are never based on dominance and submissiveness but on genuine equality. Our role: Assist others to feel bigger for longer.

Accountable Choices

Business Context: Performance
Improving business acumen

Track record is everything (Warren Buffet)

Sense of Direction: Destiny is determined by our daily agenda. We are how we spend our time! When we are clear on our vision and values, our daily decisions become simple. 'Maximum strategic gain' requires a laser-beam focus on where we can have the greatest impact. Transparency and openness will identify mistakes quickly. Being responsible for our decisions accelerates learning. Better an imperfect idea be implemented by passionate people, than implement the perfect idea by people who don't care!

Compelling Clarity

Business Context: Position
Growing market share

Know the difference between a king and a pawn (David Ogilvy)

Sense of Purpose: Growing our business requires we have a heightened awareness of what really matters for the long-term. Strong business acumen begins with daily conversations about Purpose, with initiatives that build brand and market reputation. These are our 'Kings and Queens'. Focus energy on future growth opportunities, not past failures. Discerning opportunities, seamless innovation and integrity is King. Give away the Pawns, but never give away the King!



Books Published

The Values Grid: Compelling Leadership Values (2008)

The Destiny Trilogy: Ready, Willing & Able:

  • Able Or Not: Global Stewardship (2004, Upfront Publishing)
  • Willing International Success (2003, Editor, Upfront Publishing)
  • Ready Made Potential (2002, Editor, Upfront Publishing) 

Business Confidence: Unleash the Power of your Personal Space(1998, Editor, Times Publishing)

Experience Orientated Management (EOM™): 

  • Seven Days to Powerful Teams (1996, Times Publishing)
  • Seven Days to Rewarding Change (1996, Times Publishing)
  • Seven Days to Top-notch Customer Service (1995, Times Publishing)
  • Seven Days to Optimum Sales Performance (1995, Times Publishing)
  • Seven Days to Effective People Management (1994, Times Publishing) 

Making Powerful Presentations  Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (1994, Times Publishing)

Building Future Sales  (1993, Pressing Publications)

 As an international trainer and motivational speaker, Jan has been conducting seminars for the last 25 years and has presented to all types of audiences, ranging from executive coaching, small group facilitation, to the keynote speaker in large auditoriums, as well as television and radio interviews. In these contexts, she wants to deliver relevant, innovative initiatives that allow teams and individuals to accelerate transparent, effective communication, enhance their performance, and develop a resilient workplace culture. It is also imperative that the work is completed thoroughly, so that the necessary changes remain in place.